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Telemachus Fall 2015

Telemachus Fall 2015

By Rick Woolworth in Newsletter on November 30, 2015





SAVE THE DATE: 2016 Annual Gathering

We will be back at Gasparilla in 2016. Mark your calendars for October 13-16!
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Telemachus continues to grow in depth and breadth. There are several local communities where people are gathering together on a regular basis. Houston is one amazing example of how a senior mentor couple, Doug and Suzi Pitts, generously open their home each month to gather Telemachi singles, couples and their young families. They are doing life together – sharing hopes, questions, challenges, sorrows and joys.


with Suzi Pitts and Trevor Hightower


  • Organic, non-programatic relationships
  • Authenticity and sharing stories
  • Asking questions
  • Connecting to personal network
  • Sharing content
  • Identifying giftedness
  • Encouraging
  • Challenging mentees to become mentors

We are grateful for the ongoing partnership of so many in the Telemachus community. As you consider your year-end giving, know that your participation is making a difference in the lives of many. We would like to share the perspective that Jane and Josh Grizzle gave at the Annual Gathering:

Josh: When Rick asked us to share why we give to Telemachus, I thought, “Because you ask us to.” But we also know that were Telemachus to charge the full cost of the conference to each participant, it would only be full of people like us and not accessible to those in creative fields, non-profits or education. The Annual Gathering would not maintain its unique mix of people and topics.
Jane: When I first came to Telemachus, I thought it would be great for Josh. I was about to leave my job and stay home with our son, Forest. I figured these conferences are all about networking and Type-A personalities and then they showed Brene Brown’s TED Talk about vulnerability. There was not a dry eye in the house and I thought, “OK, I might get something out of this.” We’ve really benefited from the relationships we’ve made at Telemachus Annual Gatherings and from the teaching we’ve received.
Josh: As a family, we give to evangelism and outreach and to people who cannot help themselves. We see Telemachus as evangelistic. There is as much brokenness in the spheres we live in as anywhere else. It might not be as obvious or visual but it is real and Telemachus is addressing that need through relationships and teaching.
Jane: Telemachus is heavily supported by the mentors who come to the Annual Gathering and our giving is a way to partner with them and honor them for the ways they sacrifice not only their time, but their gifts to Telemachus as well.
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“When spiritual friends share their stories, the others listen without working. They rest. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to improve. A spiritual community feels undisturbed quiet as they listen, certainly burdened . . . but still resting in the knowledge that the life within, the passion for holiness, is indestructible. It needs only to be nourished and released.” – Larry Crabb