Conversations with Mentors

Click here to view a Webinar on Mentoring where Rick Woolworth along with Lloyd Reeb, one the of the founders of Halftime, share about the critical need for mentoring emerging leaders by focusing on their entire life, not just careers. This 50 minute video includes helpful advice and best practices for both mentors and mentees alike.

Click here to watch a conversation about mentoring between Rick Woolworth and Bill Harrison (former CEO of JP Morgan).

Mentor Training

Are you interested in becoming a more effective mentor, or perhaps you are just taking the initial steps to become a mentor? Rick Woolworth along with Board Member Doug Wilson unpack the tools and insights needed for you to become a great mentor. Questions addressed in this 10-part series include:

  • What is mentoring and how does it differ from being a coach, sponsor or networking resource?
  • What are the qualities of a great mentor?
  • What are best practices in mentoring?
  • What are the benefits and long-term impact of mentoring?

We are grateful to Edge Mentoring and Todd Richardson for their partnership in producing this series.

Video Version

Audio Version

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