Building a community of emerging and experienced leaders engaged in mentoring relationships and inter-generational friendships.

Telemachus Network

We are creating a national community of leaders who form intergenerational friendships lasting for years and, in many cases, decades.

These women and men share a passion for helping each other lead intentional lives where character and spiritual development are integral to navigating the opportunities and demands of life.

Origin of the name Telemachus

As Odysseus was heading off to war he searched his community for a man who could provide guidance and wisdom to his son Telemachus.
The man chosen was named Mentor.




Building a community of emerging and experienced leaders engaged in mentoring relationships and inter-generational friendships.

Intentionality – Growth and change occur when we willingly explore all of life’s issues and ask the important questions.

Authenticity – True friendship happens when we share our personal stories and experiences with vulnerability and trust.

Connecting – Creating a national network of leaders who provide each other guidance, encouragement and friendship.

Faith – While grounded in values, we welcome engagement with men and women of all faith traditions and worldviews.


Vibrant generations of leaders who flourish in serving others

Our Story

Telemachus was founded by Rick Woolworth and Andrew Huck, with a passion to connect and mentor emerging leaders seeking to live productive and meaningful lives. Telemachus engages with men and women, both singles and couples, in all corridors of cultural influence.

Quickly advancing young men and women often struggle with the challenges of their careers, relationships, marriages, children, finances and spiritual growth, but rarely have trusted advisors or wise mentors to share with and receive guidance.

Through the Telemachus community, emerging leaders form inter-generational friendships with experienced leaders and together tackle tough and complex life issues openly and honestly.

Annual Gathering

Our Annual Gathering offers a time for attendees to step back and reflect together on the challenges of career, family, community life, and spiritual growth. Intimate in size, the three-day conference features renowned speakers, musicians, worship, excellent teaching, worship and great fellowship. To learn more about this year’s Annual Gathering, please contact us here.

Community Building

Both emerging and experienced leaders often form one-on-one friendships which evolve into a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship. These relationships are happening locally and across geographical locations. We have several multi-generational mentorship groups that meet regularly via zoom, as well as in person.

We encourage members of the Telemachus community to meet regularly as regional groups. All intergenerational friendships are strengthened by living life together and encouraging and guiding one another through the opportunities and challenges we each face.


Telemachus offers workshops focusing on critical life issues necessary for living intentionally. These workshops are normally hosted by members of the Telemachus community for groups of 15 to 100 people and have been offered throughout the US.


Rick Woolworth, co-founder of Telemachus leads a highly interactive session which draws from his long experience as a mentor as well as participants’ own involvement in past mentoring relationships. All aspects of mentoring are explored such as:

What is mentoring and how does it differ from other roles such as being a coach, sponsor or spiritual director?
What personal qualities should one have to be a mentor? Can anyone be a mentor?
What are best practices?
What are the benefits and potential impact of mentoring?

Click HERE for an article on Mentoring by Rick Woolworth published in Harvard Business Review

Life Vision

This workshop is conducted for both emerging and experienced leaders. It is led by Rick Woolworth, co-founder of Telemachus, and Jill Woolworth, a marriage and family therapist, who present a strategic framework to facilitate thought provoking self-examination that helps participants achieve clarity of purpose and direction in their lives. The workshop provides interactive teaching with small group breakout sessions to maximize learning from others. Areas of focus include:

Developing a long-term success roadmap
Prioritizing day-to-day obligations and demands
Identifying personal giftedness and passions
Averting potential “time bombs”

Dating and Marriage

Rick and Jill Woolworth share their lessons learned and best practices from over 40 years of marriage, as well as from Jill’s experience as a marriage and family therapist. The workshop is for both singles desiring a healthy approach to dating as well as couples wanting to develop vibrant marriages and nurturing environments for raising children.

Workshop Leaders

Rick (view bio) and Jill (view bio) Woolworth conduct these workshops by challenging and encouraging participants while authentically sharing their personal stories and lessons learned in their careers, marriage, parenting, mentoring and other parts of their lives.