Past Telemagrams

  • Rick Woolworth May 28, 2015

    As spring breaks out and a challenging winter is behind us, we’re thankful for a busy and productive few months within the Telemachus network, full of exciting new projects and wonderful community events all across the US.

  • Rick Woolworth November 30, 2015

    As I reflect on our first five years together, I am more aware than ever of the mentoring gap in our culture. Today’s complexities present a unique challenge and opportunity. We know the challenges all too well: the 24/7 pace, lack of connection and support between the generations, technology, and more.

  • Rick Woolworth April 26, 2016

    I want to pass on important news regarding our Telemachus team. First is to let you know Lisa Michalski, who has so wonderfully served as our COO since August, will be winding down her role by the end of May. I have been blessed to have Lisa as a partner bringing extraordinary capability, experience, wisdom and deep faith.

  • Rick Woolworth June 21, 2017

    Updates from the West Coast, T7 Details, Community Happenings