To build a community of emerging and experienced leaders who mentor one another through intergenerational friendships.

Authenticity – True friendship happens when we share our personal stories and experiences with vulnerability and trust
Intentionality – Growth and change occur when we willingly explore all of life’s issues and ask the important questions.
Connecting – Creating a national network of leaders who provide each other guidance, encouragement and friendship.
Faith – Grounded in the Christian faith and values, we welcome engagement with men and women of different faith traditions and worldviews.

Telemachus was founded by Rick Woolworth and Andrew Huck, with a passion to connect and mentor emerging, high potential leaders seeking to live productive and meaningful lives.
Telemachus engages with high potential men and women, both singles and couples, from age 25 to 40 in all corridors of cultural influence. . . business, politics, media, entertainment, education, social entrepreneurship and family life, to name a few.
Quickly advancing young men and women often struggle with the challenges of their careers, relationships, marriages, children, finances and spiritual growth, but rarely have trusted advisors or wise mentors to share with and receive guidance.
Through the Telemachus community, emerging leaders form inter-generational friendships with experienced leaders and together tackle tough and complex life issues openly and honestly.
We are creating a national community of two generations of leaders who form friendships lasting for years and, in many cases, decades.
These women and men share a passion for helping each other lead intentional lives where character and spiritual development are integral to navigating the opportunities and demands of life.
Vibrant generations of leaders who flourish in serving others.