• Annual Gatherings

    “My wife and I attended our first Annual Gathering and came away with a life-altering trajectory.”

    “We absolutely LOVED this weekend. It was life-giving, spirit-filled, and a true gift to us.”

    “The whole experience was extraordinary, educational, enlightening and encouraging.”

    “I was moved by the testimonies during the general sessions, challenged and encouraged by the small groups, and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to develop friendships with like-minded peers and mentors. As a 20-something year old trying to learn how to balance faith, family, work and friends – Telemachus offered time to breath and gain perspective.”

    “We have not elsewhere experienced the depth of authenticity and transparency combined with solid teaching in a setting like Telemachus offers.”

    “Telemachus can change you – to be more aware, more grateful, more in awe.”

  • Workshops

    “The Life Vision and Dating/Marriage workshops have challenged my view on how I live my life, make daily decisions and prioritize my faith, time and relationships.”

    “I had not participated in a discussion as fruitful as this one on dating and marriage. It pushed my thinking and helped crystallize certain principles that usually are scattered thoughts.”

    “What is so impactful about the workshops is they are a space to take head on some really important questions. They helped give me much more meaning and peace to what I encounter day to day.”

  • Local Groups

    “Being part of the Telemachus network has been a catalyst for me to intentionally gather with other women of two generations to share our daily struggles, victories and faith, and to be support to one another through tears and laughter.”

    “What an honor to do life together with this amazing group. Something intimate happens when we share a Sunday supper, where conversations often transcend from what we are doing to who we are and called to be.”

    “Our group provides a refreshing time to share a meal, relax and discuss how God is working in our lives.”

    “This is a group I knew I would enjoy from day one, but the lessons learned from mentors, loyal friendships and unconditional love have exceeded my every prayer and expectation — they are my “Soul Sisters” and “My People” and for that I am grateful.”

  • Mentoring Relationships

    “My mentors are inspiring, challenging, and gracious with their time and wisdom. I’ve found some of the most important role models of my life through Telemachus.”

    “Our discussion and your insights helped put things in perspective. I always walk away from our time with a new bounce in my step and extra appreciation for your wisdom and our friendship.”